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If you or a loved one suffered harm after a fall, MNH Injury Lawyers wants to help. 
Our Edmonton slip and fall lawyers can handle your case in its entirety, from identifying the liable party to negotiating a settlement

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MNH Injury Lawyers advocates for injured claimants 
in Edmonton. Our Edmonton slip and fall accident lawyers are ready to do your case’s heavy lifting. 
We offer free, no-obligation case reviews where you 
can explore your options.

How Our Edmonton Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Seek Damages

Recovering from a slip and fall accident is an arduous process. You deserve the chance to recuperate in peace.

To advance your case, Our experienced Edmonton personal injury lawyers will:

We Provide Personalized Legal Service
to Injured Claimants

We want to put your mind at ease during this stressful time. That’s why we provide personalized services to each of our clients. We know that every case is different and requires different obligations.

So, after reviewing your circumstances, you can expect us to:

We’re Ready to Seek These Damages
After Your Slip and Fall in Edmonton

Damages in slip and fall cases take two main forms: economic and non-economic. Everyone’s case is unique, so everyone qualifies for different amounts of compensation.

MNH Injury Lawyers can calculate your case’s value and
fight for what you need and deserve. We’re ready to seek:

Non-economic Damages—Those Without
Inherent Monetary Values

Your physical and emotional injuries fall into this category.

Non-economic damages may include:

We can pursue non-economic damages by collecting your medical records, testimony from your loved ones, and other supporting information.

Economic Damages—Those with Monetary Values

Any monetary loss you sustained due to the accident will fall under “economic damages.”

You could qualify if your finances suffered due to:

To prove you are entitled to economic damages, we can seek expert testimony, evaluate your medical records, review your records such as paychecks, receipts, financial documents, etc. We’re determined to recover what you deserve.

What Constitutes a Slip and Fall Accident in Edmonton?

Slip and fall accidents can take many forms. Potential causes include, but are not limited to:

Who is responsible for your slip and fall accident? In many cases, you can sue the property owner or manager. Sometimes, the property owner is indemnified by a maintenance contractor who bears liability.

These Injuries May Entitle You
to Compensation in Edmonton

You can seek damages if you suffered a serious injury after falling. But what does a serious injury entail?

Examples include:

If you suffered an injury that affects your quality of life, we’re ready to help.

We Represent Slip and Fall Claimants in Edmonton

MNH Injury Lawyers want to make your life easier. Instead of managing the legal process on your own, let our team pursue compensation.

If you were severely injured in a slip and fall accident in Edmonton, call our office today.
Our lawyers can protect your rights, negotiate fair compensation, and seek the best possible outcome.

We can get you the results
& justice you need and deserve.

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