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If you suffered harm in Edmonton, MNH Injury Lawyers can build a strong case and seek justice and fair compensation for you. An Edmonton pedestrian accident lawyer from our firm wants to help you rebuild your life.

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If you or someone you love suffered injuries because of another party in Edmonton one of our personal injury lawyers can help you seek financial compensation. Find out how hard we fight for our clients by getting a free review of your case.

Edmonton Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Guide

MNH Injury Lawyers Can Build
Your Pedestrian Accident Case

If you have suffered injury in a pedestrian accident, you can pursue compensation from the liable party. When you entrust MNH Injury Lawyers with your case, our experienced Edmonton personal injury lawyers will:

Provide a Free Case Assessment

We can assess your case at no cost or obligation to you. When you call our firm, we can explain your legal options at no cost.

During our conversation, we can answer your questions including these ones:

Manage Your Case’s Obligations from Start to Finish

If you partner with MNH Injury Lawyers, we will:

Negotiate a Fair Settlement with the Liable Party

The liable party’s insurance company has its own interests in mind, not yours. It typically offer far less than what you deserve to make the case “go away” and in the hopes that you accept early low value settlement.

At MNH Injury Lawyers, we fight for the settlements our clients deserve—regardless of what the insurance company feels like paying.

To secure a fair outcome, we will do many things including:

File Your Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit in an Edmonton Court

Not all pedestrian accident cases go to trial. In fact, most cases settle out of court. However, if the insurance company refuses to be fair and reasonable, we will advance your claim through litigation to mediation and trial, if necessary.

We’re Ready to Calculate and Pursue the
Damages You Need

In pedestrian accident cases, victims can pursue many heads of damages and types of losses.

Our accident injury lawyers at MNH Injury Lawyers will do the following, among other things:

You Can Seek Economic Damages for Monetary Losses

Economic damages reimburse accident victims for these injury-related losses:

You Can Seek Non-Economic Damages for
Non-Monetary Losses

Non-economic damages pay for the physical and psychological damage inflicted by the pedestrian accident.

For example, you may have to deal with the consequences of:

Such injuries and their consequences could entitle you to various kinds of non-economic damages.

You can seek financial recovery for your 
non-economic losses, which is primarily due to 
general damages/pain and suffering, which include these components:

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We Can Seek Financial Recovery if
You Lost a Loved One in Edmonton

If you are suing on behalf of a loved one who passed away following a pedestrian accident, we are sorry for your loss.

Wrongful death cases yield different types of damages to a typical personal injury claim.

A wrongful death claimant can seek:

Consider These Measures Following Your
Pedestrian Accident

Here are some measures that can bolster your claim:

Document Everything About Your Accident

All successful claims have one thing in common: evidence. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case.

We encourage you to keep records of:

We also encourage you to keep a journal regarding your recovery period. This is subject to solicitor-client privilege and may come in handy in understanding how the accident affected you.

Limit Your Social Media Presence

Avoid posting pictures, statuses, or posts during your case’s progression. Even if your privacy settings are airtight, they may still be accessed. We also advise against accepting requests from “friends of friends.”

Consider Your Legal Options

You have every right to seek legal counsel after getting hurt. MNH Injury Lawyers will do everything in its power to secure a just,
fair, and reasonable outcome for you.

We work on contingency. Payment for our help is contingent on winning your case. Otherwise, you don’t pay anything. If we win, 
we charge you a percentage.

We Can Determine the Cause
of Your Pedestrian Accident in Edmonton

We will investigate your accident’s cause to determine liability.

Per the City of Edmonton’s Safe Mobility Strategy 2021-2025,
contributors to pedestrian accidents include:

Pedestrians Can Protect Themselves
from Collisions in These Ways

Serious pedestrian accidents decreased 10 percent from 2015 to 2019, per Edmonton’s Safe Mobility Strategy.
This is great news for pedestrians. However, serious accidents can and do happen.

You can reduce the number of collisions by:

Our Proven Track Record

* Note that past performance/results are not necessarily reflective of future performance/results