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You may qualify for compensation if you or a loved one suffered injuries because of another person’s negligent actions. Our Edmonton personal injury lawyers can help you identify the at-fault party, prove the validity of your claim, and calculate the financial damages you are eligible to seek.

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At MNH Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about helping injury victims recover compensation for the harm they suffered. When you count on our team for representation, we will investigate your accident, build a solid case file, guide you through the process, assign a value to your injuries, and negotiate for a favourable settlement. Our Edmonton personal injury lawyers will also present your case in court, if necessary, to prove your right to financial recovery.

Negligence Could Entitle You to Financial Damages

You should not have to face financial hardship because of another party’s actions. When someone else is responsible for your injuries and related losses, the law entitles you to seek compensation from them.

Some of the damages our lawyers could help you recover include:

We could also help you request compensation for the anticipated future care you will require. For example, you may need mobility aids, modified vehicle controls, and home modifications to continue living your life as close to the way you are used to as possible.

We Focus on Building a Compelling Evidence File

When the accident injury team at MNH Injury Lawyers builds your case, we may consult with experts and witnesses for additional support, such as medical experts, accident scene investigators, and financial experts. We could use their statements to substantiate your case and understand the extent of your damages.

Our lawyers also collect the following types of evidence for your case file:

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We also collect evidence on your behalf to prove the value of each of your damages. For example, our team at MNH Injury Lawyers will request documents to prove your income loss, including tax forms, business records, and employment history. We never stop adding to your evidence file or looking for ways to establish your right to compensation.

Creating a Financial Compensation Checklist

When we represent you, one of our primary goals is to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. As such, our team will take time to develop a comprehensive and detailed list of your expenses and financial losses. We use this list to ensure the recoverable damages you request are thorough and accurate.

Under specific circumstances, we could also help you seek punitive or retributory damages. Unlike other damages that address the expenses and losses you face, punitive damages punish the at-fault party for intentional or egregious acts of wrongdoing.

Our lawyers treat every client we represent like a person, not a case file. That means we listen to your story with compassion and go over every detail of the incident so we do not overlook any potentially recoverable losses.

The Ongoing Costs of Accidental Injuries

According to Government of Canada statistics, 225,208 people were hospitalized due to accidental injuries in 2018, costing $29.4 billion. These injuries resulted in an additional $9 billion in lost income and productivity.

Injuries that lead to long-term disabilities have added costs, including those for:

If you or someone you love suffered harm because of another’s negligence, you will also experience financial impacts. Accidents can affect both your personal and professional life. Beyond their ability to temporarily prevent you from working, they can also permanently prevent you from returning to your chosen career.

Our Lawyers Add a Personal Touch to Personal Injury

When you or someone you love in Edmonton is an injury victim, we want to be your advocates. At MNH Injury Lawyers, we support our clients on every level. Your physical and financial recovery are equally important to our team, so we make sure to provide a kind and empathetic client experience.

To bolster and support your compensation case, we will:

Our team also handles the negotiation process for you from start to finish. We field all settlement offers, weigh and advise you on their acceptability, and help you make an informed decision. When we negotiate for you, our goal is a favourable and fair settlement that lets you get your life back in order.

Our Compassionate Client Service Experience

Personal injury law is complex and can be emotionally charged. As such, we make sure to provide the in-office experience you expect from a legal advocate. When you trust our personal injury team to represent you, we make sure you have a 360-degree client experience.

We provide you with:

We also make it easy for you to communicate with one of our team members and reach us at your convenience with any questions you have.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Cases that constitute personal injury litigation can occur in many ways. For example, car accidents often occur in Edmonton where drivers do not take proper precautions for the snow. The many bridges around Alberta’s cities are also spots where accidents occur.

If you or someone you love was physically injured, we will lead your fight for justice and financial compensation.

Our firm represents victims in the following types of accidents:

Our team also represents surviving family members of wrongful death fatalities. We will handle your case with respect for your loss. With our help, you could recover compensation for the loss of your loved one and the loss of their contributions to your family and household.

Damages Our Firm Seeks for Personal Injury Clients

When our law firm takes on your personal injury case, we handle every aspect of your compensation request. If another person’s actions or inaction harmed you or a loved one, we help you fight for compensation.

Our team focuses on injury cases that result in:

Serious injuries can include brain damage, spinal cord damage, soft tissue damage, and other catastrophic injuries. We also concentrate on helping you prove the current and ongoing magnitude of your pain and suffering.

You Can Leave the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company to Us

Dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance provider can be stressful on your own. When MNH Injury Lawyers represent you, our team handles every aspect of dealing with the insurance company, so you do not have to. Our familiarity with personal injury and insurance law allows us to ensure the compensation process runs smoothly and the at-fault party’s insurer handles your case in good faith.

On your behalf, our client support team will also handle all verbal, written, and electronic communication and correspondence. We ask that you provide us with copies of any communication between you and the insurer that took place before our representation agreement. This will get us up to speed and help us determine what next steps to take.

Our team will also represent you throughout the negotiation process and fight for the best possible outcome that is fair and that you deserve.

How Insurance Settlement Negotiations Work

The insurance company that represents the at-fault party in your accident has two best interests in mind—their client and their bottom line. Meanwhile, our goal is to fight for your best interests and the best possible outcome for you.

We negotiate hard for the right settlement and assess the value of your case based on its unique circumstances. In some personal injury cases, the at-fault party may try to assign blame to you, which can interfere with your right to recovery.

We make sure your case has the evidence to prove the at-fault party bears responsibility for your damages and losses. Our team fights hard to accurately assign fault where it belongs and limit the risk of an unfair settlement.

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