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An Uber accident can leave you with unexpected injuries that cause a major disruption to your life. 
If you or a family member was injured in an Uber accident in Edmonton because of another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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In Alberta, as everywhere, Uber and other ridesharing companies (like Lyft) have quickly replaced traditional taxicab companies as a quick and efficient means of traveling around. This is especially true in Downtown Edmonton—including around Churchill Square, with its many bars and restaurants.

However, with the increase in Uber vehicles on highways and roadways around Edmonton and in Alberta generally comes the increased likelihood of motor vehicles accidents involving these vehicles. In some instances, Uber accidents result from the Uber driver’s negligence, while at other times, another motor vehicle operator causes or contributes to the accident.


No matter the circumstances, when an Uber vehicle becomes involved in an accident, passengers can suffer serious disabilities and injuries that require significant medical treatment and cause serious pain and suffering. If you or a person you care about has suffered injuries in an Uber accident, you want to have a knowledgeable team of lawyers advocating for you.

Since ridesharing companies are relatively new, the laws surrounding Uber accidents are not set in stone. There are sometimes confusing aspects to coverage that sometimes require legal help. Therefore, if you have suffered injuries in one of these accidents, you want a team of lawyers on your side with experience in handling Uber accidents, settlements and litigation.

The skilled team of Edmonton Uber accident lawyers at MNH Injury Lawyers has an excellent track record of handling Uber accident claims and lawsuits. In some Uber accident cases, you will deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, while at other times, the Uber corporate policy will come into play. Sometimes, there are disputes over which policy is responsible. 

Our legal team can quickly identify all potential avenues of insurance coverage and can pursue the necessary personal injury claim on your behalf. We can assist you with pursuing a favorable monetary settlement that fairly and fully compensates you for your injuries. If the insurance company is not being fair and reasonable with respect to settlement that you deserve for your injuries, our team can litigate your case through the Alberta court system if necessary. 

Our lawyers know how to apply relevant laws to your Uber accident claim, including:

  • Alberta rideshare insurance requirements

If you want reliable legal help you can trust to go up against Uber and its insurers, reach out today to learn more.

Injured Uber accident victims have legal rights, and our team is committed to helping you exercise them accurately and on time. When we handle your Uber accident case, we make sure it meets all required legal parameters so that you can get the justice and fair financial award you deserve to start putting your life back together.

How Do Uber Accidents Typically Happen?

What Are Some Common Injuries That Uber Accident Victims Suffer?

Some Uber passengers might sit in the front and others in the back. In either instance, a crash can injure passengers.


The force of the impact from another vehicle, as well as the impact from airbag deployment, might cause the accident victim’s body to move forward and backward in their seat very abruptly. At other times, the accident victim might move from side to side, and a part of their body can strike something in the vehicle, such as the headrest, passenger console, window, or passenger door frame, leading to serious injuries.


Some of the most common injuries that an Uber passenger can suffer in a collision include traumatic brain and head injuries, soft tissue injuries, fractures, internal injuries, spinal cord damage, and paralysis. In a serious Uber accident, a passenger can even pass away from their injuries.


If you suffer any type of injury, seek prompt medical treatment as soon as possible after an Uber accident. You should seek this treatment from your doctor or at a hospital ER or urgent care center. If necessary, utilize the treatment provided by the ambulance at the accident scene. 


While you are at the hospital, the doctor or nurse can examine you and take the necessary scans including MRIs, X-rays, and brain scans to assess the severity of your injuries. If you require emergency surgery or another procedure, you will likely undergo it at the hospital. Finally, the healthcare provider on duty can recommend future care, if necessary.


Failing to seek follow-up medical care and treatment after an Uber accident is one of the most serious mistakes that an injured passenger can make. If you plan on filing an Uber accident claim later on, it is important to have evidence to indicate you were injured. If you do not seek proper medical care promptly, it weakens your claim and your reported injuries.


The knowledgeable Edmonton Uber accident team at MNH Injury Lawyers can start handling the legal aspects of your claim while you continue treating for and recovering from your accident-related injuries.


Insurance Coverage in Uber Accident Cases

Because several motor vehicles and drivers might be involved in an Uber accident, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which insurance company will supply the necessary coverage for passengers’ accident-related injuries. Likewise, in an Uber accident scenario, there are some instances where Uber’s corporate policy might apply.



Uber’s corporate policy steps into place whenever an Uber driver accepts a ride request from the app, downloadable on most electronic devices. The Uber coverage remains effective until the Uber driver drops their fare off at a final destination.


When Uber driver logs into the app and is available for a ride request, but has not yet picked up their fare, the available Uber corporate limits of coverage may change so it is important to seek legal help in determining whether those limits are a potential issue for your claim. 


In some instances, motor vehicle collisions that involve Uber vehicles result from another driver’s negligence rather than the Uber driver. Specifically, the other driver might have been engaging in distracted or negligent driving—or operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


When that is the case, the at-fault driver’s motor vehicle insurance will likely be primary. Moreover, if the at-fault vehicle fled the accident scene, such as in a phantom vehicle accident, you may turn to the Uber corporate policy’s uninsured motorist limits of coverage. Your personal auto insurance coverage may also come into play depending on the severity of your injuries and the value of your claim. 


If you suffered injuries in an accident that involved an Uber vehicle, the knowledgeable team of Uber accident lawyers at MNH Injury Lawyers can determine which insurance policy or policies should cover you. Once we have made this determination, we can begin advocating for you and pursuing the monetary compensation that you deserve for your injuries.


Recovering the Compensation You Need Following Your Accident

In an Uber accident claim, just as in other car accidents, the accident victim has the legal burden of proof. Specifically, they must show that the Uber driver or some other vehicle operator behaved unreasonably under the circumstances. As a result, the accident victim must have suffered an injury. When an accident victim can demonstrate all of these legal elements, they may be eligible to recover various damages.


In an Uber car accident case, the injured passenger can pursue compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages if they had to miss time from work.


In addition, they can pursue non-economic damages, like compensation for emotional distress, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of the ability to use a body part, loss of enjoyment of life, and general pain and suffering.


The damages that an accident victim may be eligible to recover will depend on the extent of their injuries and medical treatment, as well as the side effects of their treatment and whether or not they suffered a permanent injury.

In any case, the skilled legal team of Edmonton Uber accident lawyers at MNH Injury Lawyers will work to get you the compensation that you deserve through settlement or litigation. Our legal team will zealously advocate for your legal interests and be sure to emphasize the strengths of your case at the settlement negotiation table or in court.


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